Imaging Contest

Attention Imagers

Regrettably due to C19 the 2020 Starfest Imaging Contest has been postponed to 2021.  This decision was made after careful consideration by the Starfest Committee.

Some have asked about an online Imaging contest, and to be fair we did consider this.  Unfortunately an online contest can never duplicate the grit and feel of being in a hot tent, clapping, cheering & anticipating.  Nor can it reproduce the camaraderie of showing off your trophy that night under the stars.  The joy of seeing others envy your prize can only be experienced “live”.

The Imaging Contest has always been a “live” event, and just one of Starfest’s many jewels.  Virtual contests are easily accessible (check the Astro magazines), but what separates the Starfest contest, is the amazing experience that we call Starfest.

We will make the 2021 contest as user friendly as possible.  Images from 2 years spanning 2019-2021 will be accepted.  The maximum number of images per person will be increased to 15.  The anticipation will be more exciting and the victories will taste sweeter.  We’ll make sure the tent is hot & humid.

In the meantime, practice safe imaging.  Social distancing is new for society but normal practice for nerdy imagers.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Learn new techniques.  Upgrade your gear.  Spend time in the dark.  Get your best work ready for 2021.

Stay safe and warm regards until we meet in the post pandemic era.

Dave Dev