Team Starfest

Starfest is made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers who bring their unique talents to create the best possible program each year.  Team Starfest consists of a Core Team and an extended team.  The core team is responsible for planning the event, arranging for speakers, preparing the brochure, processing registrations, and looking after the host of other details that ensures that Starfest runs smoothly.

The Team
Team Coordinator: Andreas Gada
Team Leader: Heide DeBond
Team Leader: Richard McWatters
Team Leader: Andreas Gada
  • Speakers
    • Heide DeBond
    • Elizabeth Doucette
    • Cathy McWatters
  • Imaging Salon
    • Dave Dev
  • Vendors
    • Rob Lennox
  • Saturday Night Emcee
    • Tony Ward
  • Bring Home the Bacon Award
    • Andreas Gada
  • AstroTent
    • Ramesh Pooran
  • Sky Tour
    • Frank Dempsey
  • Friday Night at the Movies
    • Elizabeth Doucette
  • Swap Table
    • Greg Light
  • Pre-Registration
    • Diane Ferguson
  • Onsite Registration
    • Kathleen Crawford-Slover
    • Rosemary Kelsch
  • Post Starfest Processing
    • Richard McWatters
  • Database
    • Richard McWatters
  • River Place Liason
    • Glenn Slover
  • Starfest Contact
  • Artwork, Brochure
    • Andrew Brownbill
    • Louise McCauley
  • Promotional Items
    • Elizabeth Doucette
    • Rosemary Kelsch
    • Louise McCauley
  • Magazine Liaison
    • Greg Light
  • Social Media Coordinator
    • Malcolm Park
    • Facebook Moderators
      • Marc Fitkin
      • Mark Kaye
      • John Merchant
  • Audio/Video
    • Bill Crutwell
  • Webmaster
    • David Ledger
  • Supplier Coordinator
    • Glenn Slover
  • Finance
    • Glenn Slover
  • Strategic Planning
    • George Hart
    • Rick Kelsch
    • Jerry McPhee
    • John Merchant
    • Brian O'Rourke
  • Starfest Helpers
    • Margueret Bernier
    • Bonnie Bird
    • Marianne Crutwell
    • Mark Kaye
    • Janet Ward

Extended Team

During Starfest another crew joins the team.  Most Starfest Helpers are NYAA members but anyone is welcome to join the team and help.  If you are interested in lending a hand please .
Starfest Helpers are identified by a unique Logistics Team t-shirt.  Some of the tasks performed by the helpers include:

  • Mailing of brochures
  • Preparing registration kits
  • staffing the registration desk
  • setting up the stage, and chairs inside the tents
  • running the electrical cables into the field
  • covering the lights in public areas with red plastic
  • helping with the Sky Tour
  • helping with Kidfest
  • putting up signage
  • moderating the sessions