Commercial Exhibits

Astronomical dealers will be on hand to demonstrate and sell the latest from the world of astronomy.  If there is something that you’ve been thinking of adding to your observing equipment and want to examine, or possibly test, under actual observing conditions, this is your golden opportunity.  Commercial exhibits are located in the open field to the west of the main tent and along the roadway just north of the main tent.

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Khan Scope Astronomy Plus

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Thanks to these vendors for supplying Door Prizes in 2024:

Astro Photography Tool SVBony
All-Star Telescope Software Bisque
Celestron Tele Vue
Pegasus Astro Sky Shed Observatories
Astro-Physics AstroWorld Telescopes
Telescopes Canada Zoran Telescopes
Action Metal Photo KW Telescope Preceptor
Firefly Books Simulation Curriculum

Be sure to attend the Invited Manufacturer Speaker presentations from:

StarField Optics

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L&D Dark Sky Viewing Area