Library Inventory:

Description Author Location
Astrophysical Formulae K R Lang NF
Black Holes J Taylor NF
Collected Contributions Vol 1,
Meteors, Comets & Interplanetary Complex
F. Whipple NF
Collected Contributions Vol 2,
The Space Age and Other Writings
F. Whipple NF
Comets Scientific American NF
Dark Side of the Universe Trefil NF
Foundations of Astronomy NF
Galaxies Hodge NF
Gravitation & Cosmology Weinberg NF
Highlights of Modern Astrophysics S L Shapero S A Teukolosky NF
Journey Through The Universe J. M. Pasachoff NF
Meteor Showers, A Descriptive Catalog G W Kronk NF
Sunspots R J Bray, R E Loughhead NF
A Review of Undergraduate Physics Bayman/Hammermesh NF
Textbook of Spherical Astronomy R M Green NF
Astrophotography B Gordon R. Kulesha
Astrophotography for the Amateur M Convington R. Kulesha
The LKF Astronomical Exposures Guides NF
Astronomy with your personal Computer P Duffet-Smith NF
Celestial Basic, Astronomy on your Computer E Burgess NF
Celestial Mechanics, A computational Guide L G Taft NF
Orbits for Amateurs with a Microcomputer, Volume II Tattersfield NF
Practical Astronomy with your Calculator P Duffet-Smith NF
Microcomputers in Astronomy R M Genet NF
Microcomputers in Astronomy Vol II R M Genet NF
The Star Guide, System for Identifying Bright Stars in the Night Sky S L Beyer NF
Starwatch B Mayer NF
Through The Telescope M R Porcellino NF
Whitney's Star Finder C A Whitney NF
Amateur Radio Astronomer's Handbook J P Shields NF
How to Build Your Own Observatory Tel. Making Dave Ledger
Microcomputer Control of Telescopes M Trueblood R M Genet NF
The Photoelectric Photometry Handbook Genet, Genet & Genet NF
Robotic Observatories R M Genet D S Hayes NF