The Otmar Eigler Membership Award

About Otmar Eigler:

Otmar Eigler was a distinguished member of the NYAA from 1990-2000.  He passed away in April, 2000.  Otmar was a wonderful man, full of life, kindness and energy.  Otmar was, among things, an excellent photographer, machinist, carpenter, and amateur astronomer.  He was instrumental in almost every facet of the Club life.  His generous, outgoing and welcoming nature has been missed by all of us.

To ensure that Otmar will be remembered by all and his name known by future generations of NYAAers, we established THE OTMAR EIGLER MEMBERSHIP AWARD, to be awarded yearly to the NYAA Member of the Year.  The recipient will be the club member who has most actively contributed to Club life in the membership year.

Award Winners
2023Robert Lennox
2022Dave Dev
2021Diane Ferguson
2020Mark Kaye
2019Louise McCauley
2018David Ledger
2017Ramesh Pooran
2016Tony Ward
2015Rosemary Kelsch
2014Heide DeBond
2013Norm Folkers
2012Cathy McWatters
2011Glenn Slover
2010John Merchant
2009Malcolm Park
2008Bill Crutwell
2007Richard McWatters
2006Peter Tattersall
2005Danny Driscoll
2004John Clemmer
2003Marc Castel
2002Bonnie Bird
2001Andreas Gada