Join the Club!

To join the NYAA please come to one or two of our regular monthly meetings, and try us on for size.

When ready please complete this registration form and bring it with you.

Our membership year runs from April 1 to March 31.  If you are considering joining as a new member after the summer solstice you may indicate whether these dues apply to the current or following year.

Annual Membership Fees
Single Adult: $50
Single Youth (under 21 years of age): $25
Family: $65
Annual Observatory Fees
Member Use of Club Observing Sites:
OG's Bog (Schomberg) or Oak Heights (Cobourg)

Magazine Subscriptions
  • Sky and Telescope (1 year subscription)
  • Astronomy Magazine (1 year subscription)
Please email Glenn Slover gslover at rogers dot com for instructions.

For membership information contact