Current Weather data from Oak Heights, Ontario

44 08' 15" N 77 58' 41" W 221 m
Station Time (UTC) 12:48 26/09/22 Upload at 12:00 30/09/22
Moon Phase Waxing Crescent Sunset 2:59 (UTC) Sunrise 15:00 (UTC)
Temperature ---C Humidity ---% Cloud Cover %
Sky-Ground Temperature Delta
C Dewpoint
---C Dew Level %
--- at --- km/hr 10 Minute Wind Avg. --- km/hr Barometer 752.8 mm & Steady
Precipitation Status Today's Rain 0.0 mm Rain Rate -0.3 mm/hr
WetBulb Temperature C Daily Snow Accumulation mm
Storm Total 0.0 mm Monthly Rain 0.0 mm Yearly Rain 0.0 mm
Wind Chill --- C THW Index --- C Heat Index --- C
UV --- index Solar Radiation --- W/m Sky Glow %
Computer AC Status Computer Temperature --- C Door Status
Observatory Temperature 7.1C Observatory Humidity 67% Inside Dew Point 1.4C
SQM - LE - Readings
Aurora Eurotech Cloud Sensor
Partly cloudy with little temperature change.
5 Day Forecast - Environment Canada 48 Hour Cloud Cover Clear Sky Clock Weather Forecast for Astronomy - Environment Canada
Today's Highs/Lows
High Temperature
--- C at ----
Low Temperature
--- C at ----
High Humidity --- % at ---- Low Humidity --- % at ----
High Dewpoint --- C at ---- Low Dewpoint --- C at ----
High Barometer 753.6 mm at 3:59 Low Barometer 752.4 mm at 8:41
High Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr at ---- Low Wind Chill --- C at ----
High Heat Index --- C at ---- High UV 0.0 index at ---- High Solar Radiation 0 W/m at ----
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48 Hour Clear Sky Forecast - Dark Blue Indicates Predicted Clear Sky
Infrared Satellite Loop
Infrared Satellite Loop
Visual Satellite Loop
Visible Satellite Loop
Water Vapour Satellite Loop
Water Vapour Satellite Loop
Jet Stream
Jet Stream
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Current UV Index Current Solar Radiation   Current Wind Direction
Current Wind Speed Wind Speed History
Current Barometer Barometer History
Today's Rain Current Rain Rate Storm Rain Monthly Rain Total Yearly Rain Total

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